Members of Recon Edge Consultants have been industry leaders for over 20 years in the Transportation, Insurance, Safety, and Regulatory Compliance Industries. We have numerous awards and credentials for our hard work and dedication.


We have successfully assisted our clients in improving their daily operations by reviewing office daily activities and software. We continue to work with owner-operators who self-dispatch, large carriers with multiple locations and international operations, and everyone in between. 


We review each company policy to ensure our clients have the procedures to protect their assets. We help our clients navigate the difficulties of obtaining and maintaining multiple business policies.


Our Members understand how complex changing and maintaining a safety culture can be because it's not just about following regulatory rules but the company's everyday actions that drive its safety culture.

Regulatory Compliance: 

We have successfully reduced or dismissed thousands of violations and tickets. We review Company operations to ensure state and federal compliance (e.g., employee classification, OSHA requirements, ADA, etc.) We have worked with hundreds of companies, including many top 100 carriers. Since we have been in business, we have saved our companies and drivers millions in State and Federal fines, MVR, and CSA points.

Our drive and commitment to excellence are why we continue to be chosen repeatedly by startups and well-established carriers.